Create an Easy Peasy Newspaper Plant Pot!

Newspaper Plant Pot

Newspaper plant pot

No plant pots lying around for your growing seed collection? We’ve got you covered! This is a great way of making your own organic plant pots using old newspapers! These newspaper pots are great for your small plants and they can be put very tightly together. When your plant is ready to put into the ground, you can plant it with the newspaper pot still round it and gradually the paper will break down into the ground.
Newspaper Plant Pot    
Step 1: You will need:

Step 2: Basic Cutting

Use your bottle as a guide to see where you should cut the newspaper, depending on the size required. 

Step 3: Roll it up!

Roll your bottle along with your newspaper as though you're wrapping it up. 

Newspaper Plant Pot

Step 4: Fold the Bottom

Fold the excess paper towards the bottom of the bottle, and flatten the base with your fingers. Remove your bottle!

Make a plant pot 

Step 5: Fill with Soil

Filling your newspaper plant pot with soil will make it nice and steady.

Your pots are now ready for your seeds! Once added remember to add water and create little tags so you know which seeds are in each pot. Lollysticks are always useful!

By keeping the pots together it will create a great climate for growing. As you continue to water your plants the water will gradually diffuse into the surrounding pots, making them easier to maintain. 

It is useful to put the pots together as this will create a great climate for growing plants. When you water the plants the water will gradually diffuse into surrounding pots making the maintenance of pots easy.

When the seedlings are ready to go outside, simply transplant the seedling and the pot into the soil of a bigger pot. The newspaper pot will disintegrate in the soil.

Have fun!



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