About Us

Hello & Welcome !

For me the best thing about developing the Willow & Wild box is being able to inspire creativity, fun and learning in children through nature. Watching children plant a seed, nurture it and watch it grow is a fantastic thing. It’s something I have always loved doing with my children and wanted to share with others and that’s how the concept of the Willow & Wild box came about.

One of the challenges that I had with my children was knowing exactly when to plant and how to look after the seedlings to ensure that they grew and we had a great crop. The other was having the time, ideas and materials to hand to do lots of exciting crafting, cooking and fun activities. I also wanted to extend what we were doing in the garden to related cooking and indoor activities so that we could continue the themes when the weather wasn’t great.

I took inspiration and ideas from a great friend who was a Nanny and my sister, a Key Stage 1 teacher with 20 years’ experience. They helped enormously with  fantastic ideas for what could go into our first box that would engage and excite the children whilst ensuring that everything was fun but also took them on a learning journey. They will continue to give their expert advice and inspiration with the development of each box that we will be creating throughout the year.

Willow & Wild Box has been developed with busy parents in mind, so we have created a subscription box, delivered to your door every month with all the seeds, instructions, activities and materials so that you can enjoy spending time with your children growing, creating.

We also sell larger one off boxes, each designed for a specific time of year which could make the perfect gift and are expanding into kits for older children and adults which are nature inspired too and include home pottery kits and exciting grow your own kits - fantastic for gifting as well as a treat for yourself. 

We hope that you enjoy our Willow & Wild Boxes and have fun growing, creating crafting and learning about nature - no matter what your age!

Best wishes,

Roz - Founder & Mum of 3

Charlotte - Chief Tester (age 9 )

Sarah & Jane - Teachers & advisers