Create your own Cactus!

Cactus craft easy to make


So you've planted your cactus seeds which we included in our latest Willow & Wild Box, and seeing as they can take up to a year to grow we thought we'd share an easy-peasy craft activity for your little ones to enjoy!

You will need:
Toilet roll tube, Scissors, Googly eyes, Green paper (or paint), Glue and a black felt tip

How to make:

1. Roll green paper around toilet roll tube and cut down to size. Stick with glue. Alternatively, if painting, paint and leave until dry

2. Add googly eyes and draw a smiley or funny face!

3. Draw spikes onto your cactus and cut out two cactus ‘arms’ from your leftover green paper and glue these on the side


We'd love to see your cactus makes! Upload and use #willowandwildbox and we'll share some of our favourites!

Create your own cactus

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