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Great British Bee Count


The wonderful little busy bees that give us yummy honey and play a vital part in the pollination of plants and crops (without our bees many of these would die) are unfortunately having a tough time lately. This is largely due to loss of habitat, wildflower meadows, intensive farming and climate change. Did you know that since the 1900’s thirteen Species of bee have become extinct and 35 more are currently under threat of extinction here in Great Britain?

The Great British Bee Count takes place from 17th May to 30th June. The idea is by counting and recording what bees we spot from day to day experts can learn more about these fascinating insects, and most essentially, get a comprehensive health check of the bees in Great Britain. The data is then used to provide monitoring and to help us protect them for the future.

Getting involved is so easy, just download a free app available from both the App Store and Google Play. It is very easy to use. You submit a sighting with help from the app, identify the species and then just answer some questions on the weather and habitat.

Children are loving joining in the bee count and enjoying many walks with their bee spotting kits. There are many ways we can all help, and getting the children involved is a great way to educate them whilst having fun together.

Here are a few ideas –

  • Plant and grow flowers, fruit, vegetables, plants and herbs through every season
  • Create a ‘wild area’ in your garden with wildflowers and long grass (Don't forget there's a pack of wildflower seeds in our latest box!)
  • Make a Bee Hotel to provide habitat
  • Do not use chemicals to treat your lawn
  • Start a beehive
  • Take part in the Great British Bee Count
  • Walk’s with a Bee spotting kit including binoculars, insect viewers, spotter cards and picnic!

Small changes really can make a difference and together we can help not only the survival of these wonderful creatures but help them to thrive.

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