It’s World Ocean Day!

Today’s World Ocean Day is all about celebrating our connection to the ocean, and how we depend on our ocean just as much as it depends on us.

It’s a great way to encourage discussion with your children about the ocean and what we can do to reduce plastic pollution and other impacts, to help protect our life-source.


Did you know these 5 facts about our ocean?

  1. The majority of life on earth is aquatic
  2. There are more historic artefacts under the sea than in all of the world’s museums including shipwrecks and statues
  3. As humans, we have a closer connection to the ocean than you may think with 70% of our bodies made up of water which is the same as 70% of our planet
  4. We have the same level of salt in our blood as you find in seawater
  5. There’s 228,450 known ocean creatures, with up to 2 million which are still a mystery!

If you’re looking to get the children involved in a fun-eco friendly activity we have a fantastic deep blue sea sensory play set available at Willow & Wild Organic!


You can also download these free colouring sheets, here and here.


Read all about World Ocean Day at

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