National Get Outside Day!


Getting children outside isn’t just fun – it’s good for them!

Here are 5 health benefits of getting children outside: 

  • Improves vision: A University of Cambridge study has shown that exposure to sunlight could improve near-sighted vision
  • Promotes social skills – outdoor play promotes social, emotional and cognitive competencies
  • Improves sleep – children who have more outdoor playtime are less likely to wake at night
  • Reduces stress – playing outside can offer an escape from life’s routines and therefore reduce stress levels.
  • Increases Vitamin D levels – which in turn has several health benefits including strengthen bone health, helping reduce diabetes and heart disease.

Whether you live in an urban or countryside environment, get outside today and try some of our fun nature ideas! 

Go on a Scavenger Hunt!

Download our scavenger hunt collecting card and see how many items your child can find out and about in nature! Download here. 

Take a Nature Walk!

Download our easy-peasy Nature Spotting Card and see how many your child can find. Download here.

Collect some Fallen Leaves and create some Leaf Art!


Play Hide and Seek

You could paint some stones and hide them around the garden or park and then go and find them or you could laminate these pictures, hide them and go and find them. Using the cards or stones makes the hide and seek much more fun. If you have a group of children, get 1 child to hide and the others to find or go out ahead of your children and hide the cards/stones and see if they can find them.



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