Now the Summer has arrived! Things to do this month in your garden!

July things to do in the garden


We've heard there's going to be a bit of a heat wave on the way over the next few weeks, so we've put together a few tips for gardening throughout July. Remembering to water your plants and maybe put some teaspoons of water and sugar out for bees too!


  • Plant up containers, hanging baskets and planters now the risk of frost has passed
  • If you planted sweet peas - As soon as your sweet peas start to flower, keep picking them to encourage more blooms 
  • Dead-head and cut back oriental poppies after flowering. Cutting them close to ground level will stimulate new foliage
  • It's not too late to flower seeds for this year - try borage, nasturtiums, foxgloves, marigolds 


  • Feed your tomato plants weekly with a liquid feed 
  • Make sure your vegetables are regularly watered 
  • Plant out your tender vegetables such as courgettes, pumpkin, tomatoes and sweetcorn now the risk of frost has passed

Garden pests 

  • Keep a look out for slugs which will munch through your young plants 
  • Try sheep’s wool slug pellets, gravel, coffee ground around the base of the plants or copper rings on pots and containers as an alternative to slug pellets
  • Aphids can also be a problem. Look on the underside of the leaves and brush off any you find

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