Things to do in your garden – May Edition

May is the perfect month for getting outside in the garden now the days are getting longer! We’ve compiled a list of ideas of how you can tidy up your garden ready for Summer – Along with some fun ideas for the children too!

  • Keep weeds under control by weeding beds and garden borders
  • Sow new grass if needed or feed your lawn to keep it looking healthy and green
  • Inspect plants for pests and diseases and treat if necessary
  • Protect fruit blossom from the late frosts
  • If you have a green house remember to keep the doors open to circulate the air and also hang a few fly traps!
  • Water outside plants morning and evening if required

For your little ones:

  • Take to the garden and build your very own wormery! A great way to see how worms move through soil
  • Get creative by finding some sticks, leaves and flowers to make your own nature paintbrushes
  • Seeds to plant but don’t have any pots to hand? Create your own newspaper plant pots
  • Keep busy and creative hands entertained with our NEW IN mud kitchens. The perfect garden accessory for little garden bakers!


Whatever you get up to in the garden this month, we’d love to see your photos! Share them with us online by using #willowandwildbox or tagging @willowandwildbox

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