Top nature inspired activities to enjoy with your children or grandchildren this season


It may be getting a little colder outside but this doesn’t mean that your little adventurers still can’t enjoy some nature inspired fun! Here are some ideas for you ............


  1. Nature Trails & Nature Scavenger Hunts!

Outdoor activities are always great, no matter what the weather is like. If your child is getting a little chilly, just wrap them up nice and warm to enjoy a nature trail or even a nature scavenger hunt.

You could use a great example that we found or alternatively, there is plenty of nature trail inspiration online! You can even head over to our Pinterest ‘Nature Trails’ board, we have plenty of ideas on there! If you don’t have nature right outside your back door, you could take a trip to your local park. 



  1. Bird Feeding & Bird Watching

A simple activity but also one that will fill your children with joy is bird feeding and bird watching. This will involve your children building a stronger awareness and connection with nature, it provides them with goals and nature inspired education whilst also having hours of endless fun! You could use some bird feeders which you already have or you can give the children an extra fun filled activity of making their own! Bird feeders are so easy to make so this is definitely one of our top nature inspired activities for the season. Take a look at what kind of birds live around your area in the winter, put the bird feeders close to a window, provide a ‘bird checklist’ next to the window along with some little binoculars! We love this step by step guide to making ‘Fun Bird Feeders’ from Growing Family as a starting point. You can also use this ‘Garden Birds’ bird watching list so that your children know what to keep an eye out for!

You can also head over to our ‘Bird Watching’ Pin Board for some more inspiration. You can also check out our ‘Make Your Own Bird Feeder’ step by step guide below!




  1. Firework inspired cooking!


Another great activity to enjoy with your children or grandchildren is to get them cooking! A great way to engage the children in this way would be to relate it to fireworks and bonfire night, this is something that is always an exciting activity for the children. A great idea is to cook some firework, gingerbread cookies! 

You can use this ‘Ultimate Gingerbread Cookies’ recipe from Dinner Then Dessert to start with! You can then create a palette of icing paints for the fireworks using sifted icing sugar mixed with water and adding different food colourings! This will create a vibrant variety of colours so that the children can have lots of fun creating their fireworks! To paint the fireworks, you can get the children to use a spoon, putting a blob of icing in the centre and spread it outwards to make a firework shape! Alternatively, you could dribble lines of icing across the cookie and cover it with chocolate sprinkles or even hundreds and thousands!Another great, firework inspired recipe is edible sparklers! 


We absolutely love this recipe from ‘Mum In The Mad House’. All you’ll need is some breadsticks, chocolate, sprinkles and hundreds and thousands!


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