Weekly 5 Minute Crafts - Make a Stick or Teasel Hedgehog

Did you know these facinating facts about hedgehogs?

  • Baby hedgehogs are called Hoglets.
  • Male hedgehogs can travel up to 3 km per night looking for a female hedgehog!

 This week's 5 minute craft

Make your own hedgehog from clay or play doh and sticks or a teasel.


What you will need:

  •  Air drying clay or play doh
  • Sticks or teasel
  • Acorn cups or google eyes

 How to make:

  1.  Shape your air drying clay or play doh into a body shape
  2. Add lots if little sticks as spines or if using a teasel flatten the back of your hedgehog shape and press in the teasel.
  3.  Add acorn cups or google eyes.


Hibernation Home for Hegdehogs

If you have a bit more time this weekend, why not could also create a hibernation home for Hedgehogs?

You will need:

  •  A big box made of strong cardboard or plastic
  • A Stanley knife
  • Some dry leaves or straw
  • A sheet of plastic big enough to cover the top – an opened up carrier bag is perfect
  • Some long twigs.

 How to make:

  1. Cut a hedgehog-sized entrance, and two ventilation holes of 15x5cm, using the Stanley knife – be sure to ask an adult to help you with this.
  2. Put some leaves or straw inside, and over the top of the box, and place it next to a hedge or fence.
  3. Put the sheet of plastic on top and then arrange the long twigs over it to make an arch – a bit like making a mini den – and cover it with leaves and dry grass.

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