Grow your own Mint Grow Bag

Grow your own Mint Grow Bag

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The Mint Grow Bag contains everything you need to grow your own delicious Mint plants inside, at any time of the year.

This wonderful idea uses the eco-friendly bag to grow your seeds in and everything you need to grow fresh Mint including seeds and magic, peat free compost discs are inside the bag!

These grow bags are great to give as gifts, as stocking fillers, party favours or wedding guest gifts and great fun to do with children who can have their own windowsill garden.


What's in the bag?

- seeds

- peat-free compost discs

- integrated growbag

- full easy-to-follow instructions for sowing, growing and planting your plants


Everything in this Grow Bag Kit is recyclable, compostable or reusable.